Photographer Creates A Tiny Café In Her Garden For The Animals

I think that all of us have enjoyed, at one time, going to a café and having a bite to eat or perhaps even ordering a drink. It seems as if this isn’t only something that is enjoyed by humans, even little animals seem to appreciate going to a café. That is true if it is the café that was created by photographer Kristin Flagg in her backyard. She serves up seeds, nuts, and fruit and then takes pictures of her visitors enjoying them.

If you want to visit Kristin’s café in person, you will have to go to Norwich, Connecticut. It is named Rosie’s café, because the city where it is located is known as “Rose City.” Like the rest of us, Kristin is dealing with lockdown, and the quarantine had her feeling a little blue.

She found happiness when she was outside, but she couldn’t travel very far. In order to cheer herself up, she created Rosie’s café with her husband. It includes 6 miniature picnic tables with a lot of adorable details. It is now open for customers!

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