Photographer Captures Stunning Underwater Photos Of Aquarium Fish

Visarute Angkatavanich, a Thai photographer, has managed to capture the most incredible pictures of Siamese fighting fish. These fish are known for being quite pretty. They have large fins that undulate with their movements in the water.

But as beautiful as they are on their own, Angkatavanich’s renderings of the fish are nothing short of stunning. They don’t even look like photographs, but more like complex works of art.

Angkatavanich had one of these fish as a pet when he was a kid. The memories of his pet fish were what inspired him to undertake the project. Angkatavanich spent 20 years working in the commercial field.

Given his experience, it was not surprising that the pictures went viral as soon as he posted them to social media. His photos have even been turned into wallpapers for different iPhone models!

You can check out some of our favorite photos below:

1. Underwater Dancer

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2. Fins for Days

3. Full Range of Motion

4. Amazing Colors

5. A Fish’s Tail Never Looked So Cool

6. Contrast between Dark and Light

7. Fish or Flamenco Dancer?

8. Iridescent Scales

9. An Array of Colors and Textures

10. Stunning Shimmery Blue Fish

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