Woman Fakes Phone Call To Include All Her Dog’s Favorite Words

If you’ve ever had a dog, you know how excited they can get when they hear their favorite words.

My dog, for example, gets incredibly excited when he hears the words “Grandma,” “walk,” “park,” “treat,” or “beach.” He hears those words, and he just knows we’re about to have a great time!

Most dogs have their favorite words, but what would happen if you casually put all those words together in front of your pooch?

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Kara Speck decided to try just that with her American staff and ridgeback-cross named Jacks.

She filmed herself having a fake phone conversation, in which she causally included all her dog’s favorite words. She posted the video on TikTok and people can’t get enough!

Photo: TikTok/@karaspeck_

The conversation went like this:

“I was just ringing to see, um, maybe you wanted to go for a walk…Yeah.” Jacks immediately perked up at the sound of “walk.”

“Maybe we can go to Nanny’s house? Yeah.” He got even more excited with that one.

‘Cause she’s got, I’m kind of hungry. Um, so, I kind of want some peanut butter. Yeah.”

Photo: TikTok/@karaspeck_

After hearing, “peanut butter,” the dog couldn’t take it any longer! He jumped up and darted over to Kara’s side, clearly ecstatic.

Kara continued her “phone call” unphased. She said, “Yeah, and I feel like some treats.”

At that point, Jacks was too excited. He jumped off the bed and dashed away! Maybe he was headed to the door to prepare for their walk to Nanny’s house with peanut butter and treats!

Check out the adorable clip below:

@karaspeck_ Omg I feel so bad he is still waiting to go to nannys house 🤣🤣😭 #dogs #funny #sorry #fyp #sidekick ♬ original sound – Kara Speck
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