Destined For The Unthinkable, Two Rescued Pit Bulls Join The Police Force!

It isn’t news that too many Pit Bulls are stuck in shelters. Some, sadly, will never leave. But thanks to more education and more animal lovers stepping up, stories like this one are making headlines.

North Carolina’s Clay County Sheriff’s Office just announced that two rescued Pit Bulls, named Phantom and Sarah, are joining the team, to become narcotic detection dogs.

“What will be the most shocking to some will not be that Clay County Sheriff’s has the new K-9 Deputies, but rather their breed,” the Clay County Sheriff’s office posted on their Facebook page.

They added: “Even though Pit Bulls get a bad rap in the media, they aren’t all bad dogs and can do great things for the communities they serve.”

What’s even more pawsome is that both dogs will ONLY be used as detection dogs and never in “bite work or criminal apprehension.” The department’s goal is to shed positive light on the breed… “and to show the country and the world the loving and caring nature that most of us have experienced with our Pit Bulls.”

If it weren’t for this program, both dogs would still be “languishing in shelters waiting for their forever homes.” Both dogs were pulled from shelters thanks to two organizations: UniversalK9 and Animal Farm Foundation.

Using rescue dogs, like Phantom and Sarah, also saves the department a heap of money! Each purebred German Shepherd, used as a K9, costs about $15,000!

This story will hopefully open up a dialogue, and some minds, to the potential that Pit Bulls have the real potential to do good in the world… Not just as wonderful, loving pets and family members, but keeping our country stay safe!

What do you think about Phantom and Sarah?

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