Inseparable Siblings Or Furry Friends, Who’s More Loved In This Rivalry?

Researchers at the University of Cambridge discovered something pretty pawsome: Kids prefer spending time with their pets more than they do with their siblings. Well, isn’t that a surprise? LOL!


Could it be because your cat is way less likely to tell on you for forgetting to take out the trash than your 9-year-old brother?

The study looked at 12-year-olds from 77 different families. All of the kids had at least one pet and one sibling. The scientists found that the relationship between the 12-year-old was sturdier with their pet than the relationship with their sibling. Hanging out with their dog, and getting cuddles from them, gave them more satisfaction than playing with their brother or sister.


Their pets inability to talk back was a huge thing for the kids. It gave them a more positive experience than, let’s say, their bratty three-year-old sister who can’t get enough of saying “NOOOOOOO!”

Science found another great reason to adopt a pet! YAY!

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