Dogs And Cats That Refuse To Let Their Humans Workout At Home

Regardless of whether or not we’re natural homebodies, there is certainly the agreement that spending too much time indoors does nothing for one’s mental health. Of course, we can’t really go outside anymore as the restrictions for lockdown are getting more and more intense.

So, when you can’t leave your house what do you do? You improvise in entertaining yourself. And for some people, this includes working out.

While most people have no problem starting up an exercise routine at home, pet parents are experiencing a little more resistance. And we totally get it – pets are happy we’re home. They just want to love us and can’t understand that we’re busy at the moment.

Of course, this just means that it’s created a whole channel for videos and photos to be shared on social media as people continue to post about their pets and how they get in the way of a workout – but like in the cutest ways possible.

Check out some of the videos below:

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