Five Reasons Pets ARE Family!

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The more pictures you send us of your pets, the surer we are that they aren’t pets at all — they’re family! Whether your dog or cat (or more obscure species) is your baby or your best friend, he or she is undoubtedly an integral member of the family unit.

What makes your furry friend a member of the family? Let us know in the comments, or share a photo of your pets acting like people! Here are some of our favorite photos of pets being family that you’ve shared with us so far.

1. They’ll let you dress them up for long enough to take a hilarious photo before pawing off the garb. I think we all know that’s what happened right after this picture was taken!

(Source: Thanks Teresa, for getting Tate to take this picture!)

2. They’re always hogging the bathroom. And always clogging the drain with cat-hair!

(Source: Thanks Jess! Looks like you’ve got a troublemaker on your hands.)

3. They are the kings and queens of the couch. Meet Fiona, Stuie, Sammy, and Peter. “All rescues,” says Maria — and it looks like they’re loving their forever home!

(Source: You sure know how to treat your pups, Maria!)

4. They think your things are their things. “My baby Harley,” says Patty. “She likes my new pillow.”

(Source: Thanks Patty! Seems like it might be Harley’s pillow now.)

5. They know when it’s time to snuggle. Julia’s “baby” Whizzer looks so cozy with his stuffed monkey. No wonder she says he’s the “love of [her] life!”

(Source: Julie, thank you for sharing Whizzer’s adorable face!)

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