Look No Further. Your Child’s Best Friend Is Already Right Beside Him

As our children grow, we worry about everything. Their achievements, their safety, whether they will be healthy, happy, fulfilled. But one thing we do not need to worry about is if they have a best friend. When you have a pet, it’s almost guaranteed he or she will gravitate towards your child. I’ve never seen the opposite.

Being a kid is all about discovery. What better way to learn what the world is about than seeing it through a loving pet’s eyes! Both animals and children love to learn, love to love, love to be the one thing they know how to be: real.

We, as grownups, can look to them as teachers. Children and animals can teach us how to grasp onto simplicity and let go off all the things that weigh us down. These photos will make you feel good but they are also a life lesson. Get ready to learn all about this, while getting some major feels.

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