Ho, Ho, No! Pets as Gifts are Just Wrong.

Sorry to thunder snow on your holiday parade, but if you’re considering giving a pet as a gift this year, think again. There are many, many reasons why wrapping up a puppy or kitten and surprising a loved one with the most adorable present ever is poor form. And here are some of the top reasons why:

Pets are Not an Impulse Buy:

Everyone in the family, both human and animal, must be part of the decision making process when it comes to a new pet. In fact, most shelters require a meet and greet between the resident pets and prospective adoptees before they’ll give their seal of approval. And do you know why? Because taking on a new family member is serious business. Every last individual’s needs have to be considered before making the commitment. Older resident pets may not be keen on inviting a youngster into their fold. Children under ten could find it difficult to keep from dressing up a new dog or cat, no matter how shy the animal is. And despite the extreme level of cuteness, Mom might see an addition to the family as yet another item on her to-do list. Springing a new family member on someone could spell disaster and is to be avoided at all costs.



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