New Dog Collars Use AI To ‘Translate’ Barks Into Emotions

A South Korean company has created a new type of dog collar that utilizes artificial intelligence to “translate” barks into emotions.

The company, Petpuls, first launched the product back in 2020 as part of a fundraising campaign.

The collar may help dog owners better understand and bond with their pets, and help them better meet their needs.

Photo: YouTube/Petpuls US

In a press release, Petpuls Labs CEO, Stella Jang, said:

“Many dog owners are unable to be with their dogs all the time. We created Petpuls to give dog owners a holistic view into their dog’s behaviour and activity throughout the day.

We spend so much time with our dogs and lavish affection on them that we think we know how they really feel. In reality, we often miss small changes, which can providee substantially more meaning and insight into a dog’s health and well-being when viewed over time.”

Photo: YouTube/Petpuls US

To create the collar, researchers used 10,000 bark samples from 50 different bark breeds and spent around three years creating an AI program to help the product run.

The collar pairs with a smartphone app that relays information to the dog owner’s phone directly. It’s super convenient, but it does require the owner to be within 15 feet from the collar for it to work.

According to the press release, the collar has an Emotion Tracker that identifies one of five emotions your dog may be feeling, including happy, anxious, angry, sad or relaxed. It also features an Activity Tracker that works similarly to a FitBit.

Photo: YouTube/Petpuls US

Finally, the collar has a built-in Rest Tracker so you can gather data on your pup’s rest schedule.

Put all together, you can get an idea of your pet’s general sense of well-being based on their emotion, activity, and rest!

Check out the video below:

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