Once Starving And Broken, Puppy Who Couldn’t Walk Finally Finds A Forever Family

No dog is broken. Dogs with special needs are just that… SPECIAL!

Petey was found with his sibling at five weeks old, all alone in a park. They were both starving and weighed only 2 pounds!


Sadly, his sibling didn’t survive but Petey kept on fighting, even though he could hardly stand on his own. Petey suffers from Cerebellar Hypoplasia. It’s an incurable condition but with physical therapy, Petey gets around okay. There are challenges, sure, but he’s one happy dog that would make an excellent companion.

At first, Petey was adopted by a family that thought they could care for him but after just ONE day, they gave up and brought him back. But now he has a family who loves him no matter what! This deserving dog is getting the happy life he’s been waiting for!


Dogs with special needs still make amazing pets! Please, if you can find room in your home and in your heart, adopt one today!

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