We All Know How Much Easier Phone Apps Make Our Lives, But What About The Apps For Our Pets?

Take a moment and try to think of anyone you know that does not own a smart phone of some kind. Chances are you came up with one or two, if any at all. Well, the beauty of smart phones isn’t the alleviation of awkward social interaction, it’s the myriad of apps that make our lives (arguably) better. They aren’t just for finding your way to an obscure Thai restaurant or tracking how many times you’ve visited the local Starbucks, they can improve your pets life too! We compiled a list of some fantastic apps that can make life a little easier, and a lot more fun, for you and your furry friends.

1. BringFido


Have you ever travelled with a pet? Finding a place for them to stay is difficult and expensive. Do you leave them with family, do you put them in a kennel, which is a huge cost, or do you just bring them with you? No one wants to leave their fur babies, but finding a hotel is a difficult chore. That’s where BringFido comes in. Created  by BringFido.com, this app helps you find pet friendly hotels, restaurants, and events all over. They even differentiate between hotels that charge extra for pets and those that don’t. Primarily geared towards dogs, the app is a great tool for any pet parent.

2. Tagg


Tagg is an app used in conjunction with Tagg Trackers, a GPS collar that’s non-invasive for your pup. The app keeps real time track of your pet, which is an incredible peace of mind. Help prevent the loss of your best friend from your phone.

3. Cruelty Cutter


Cruelty Cutter is a must have for anyone trying to prevent animal cruelty. Simply scan the barcode of the product you want to buy, and Cruelty Cutter scans thousands of sources to track whether the company test on animals or not. This is a brilliant and easy way to vote with your wallet and send a message to companies that test on animals. This is a must have for any animal lover.

4. PupTox


The only app on our list that isn’t free, PupTox might also be the most important. For $.99, you will find more than 250 food items cataloged in PupTox, covering the serious threats to the benign. If you see your dog eating flowers and you want to know if they were safe, you can find out in a matter of seconds. It also has a toxicity calculator in case your dog ingests chocolate, which could be the difference between life and death. This is an important tool to have on you wherever you go.

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5. Fido Pet Adoptions


The mantra “Adopt, Don’t Shop” can’t be repeated enough. Currently, the majority of adoptions come from online inquiries. There is also a rise in people using their phones as their prime medium for the internet. Well, Fido Pet Adoptions  has come up with a user friendly means of doing your adoption shopping through your phone! There are listings for over 300,000 pets, from dogs and cats to reptiles and other more exotic animals. It is the perfect way to find animals in need of good homes.

These are obviously the tip of the iceberg in terms of apps, but considering how easy it is to get lost while browsing them, this should be a perfect jumping off point. And of course, if you have any apps you find vital for you and your pets, please let us know!

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