It Seems Our Pets Are Also Gaining Weight During The Pandemic

Have you heard about the quarantine 15? Many of us have experienced it now that we are staying home more often.

A combination of snacking more and exercising less has caused many people to gain weight during the pandemic and it seems as if people aren’t alone.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition recently did a survey of veterinarians and it seems that obesity rates in pets are rising due to the pandemic.

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Since we are spending more time at home, we have more opportunities to provide treats for our pets and they are paying the price. According to the survey, one-third of pet owners are saying that the pandemic has caused weight gain in their furry friend.

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I know in my home, my pets tend to be couch potatoes, especially when I am being a couch potato. I have been watching Netflix for more hours than I could possibly count and have since graduated to watching videos on Amazon, YouTube, and any other streaming service I can get into my home.

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I have also become conscious of my weight to a certain extent and started exercising a little more, but I now see the need to get my pets involved in the exercise program.

Just like humans, pets can experience a wide range of health problems due to obesity. Even a slight weight gain can lead to a greater increase in the possibility of heart disease, diabetes, and other problems.

The problem with pets, however, isn’t that they automatically go and grab something out of the refrigerator (like the humans in their life), their treats come directly from our hands.

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If you enjoy giving your pet a treat, you can always switch to something that is healthier and perhaps even lower in calories. In some cases, you may even make a game out of it, such as hiding some treats from your cat and allowing them to find them or filling a Kong with kibble and allowing your dog to have a little fun getting it.

Then again, it may be just as simple as taking them out for a walk. It’s good for them and good for us! Who knows, we may just come out of this pandemic trim and healthy.

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