Pet Store Stray Finds His Paradise

Our Dog of the Day comes to us all the way from Greece. Found alone and lonely outside of a pet supply store, this lucky dog found a loving home with some caring people!

Rescue Story_Benny

My daughter and I lived in a densely populated suburb north of the city of Athens, Greece, and frequented a pet shop near our home for our dog’s grooming, food, and toys.

A few times that I went to the shop, I noticed a medium sized white dog standing near the entrance, or inside the store. The store employees told me that he didn’t belong to anyone. A couple of times I saw him with a homeless lady who had a small dog of her own, also white. She asked me one day if I wanted to adopt him. There was nothing I wanted more, but at the time I was living in a rentl and the landlady barely tolerated the one dog, Sassy, we had while we lived there.

Soon after, we moved to a new apartment not too far away and, as luck would have it, the next time I went to buy food for my dog, the white stray was sniffing around the shop once again. I went straight back home, picked up Sassy, and returned to the shop. I took them both on a walk to see how they would behave together and, seeing that they had no problem, I decided to take him home. He just sat in the car seat next to me, kept his eyes on me the whole drive home, and did not move.

It has now been over 5 years since Benny came home and we haven’t looked back! Doesn’t he look adorable?

Athens, Greece

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