Rescue Pittie Has A Pet Of His Own And It’s Unique!

When my youngest son was about six years old, he became fascinated with rocks. He would pick out the smoothest ones and place them on our kitchen table to paint them. He made some adorable rock-friends with smiley faces and googly eyes. One even had a pink feather for hair.

It seems my son isn’t the only one fascinated with rocks. Meet Oliver, the adorable rescue pup with his own pet rock! Oliver is so attached to his “friend” that he brings him everywhere he goes. And what’s even more impressive is that if you take his rock and line it up with others like it, he will still pick his rock out every time. He really has a deep connection to it.

Friendships can come in all different forms– and this dog has found his soulmate in a very unlikely place. I hope Oliver and his rock are happy together… FOREVER!

Get ready to fall in love with Oliver and his pet rock!

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