Pet Rat Refuses To Leave Her Owner Even When She Takes A Shower

When we think of rats our minds usually jump to the scary sewer rats of urban legend that are mangy and disease-ridden. But then a Pixar movie helped to change our minds about how we see rats. And for anyone who has had a rat, know that they are actually very affectionate and make great pets.

As one video shows, domesticated rats are actually very loving pets who share deep bonds with their owners. Posted to Reddit by Redditor u/trollachot, the sweet video footage shows a little rat constantly trying to get back into the shower where his owner is showering.

The clingy little rodent doesn’t want to spend a minute apart, even though the owner keeps picking it up and gently putting it on the dry bowl on the ground.

Photo: YouTube /
Maya Zazu

The Redditor ended up sharing with the Reddit community that the little rodent was “too attached” and refused to let them shower alone. The endearing post received 17,000 upvotes in the day that it was uploaded, and has also gone on to acquire thousands of comments from people who thought the little rat was too cute.

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One of the top comments was, “Can you imagine being buddies with someone x100 your size? It’s like being friends with a building.”

Regardless of the size difference, there is no denying that this little rat is a total sweetheart – and something that isn’t uncommon amongst rats.

After watching the cute video, who else wants a pet rat? DO you have experience with domesticated rats? Let us know!

Watch the adorable clip below:

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