Owners Make Their Senior Dog A Mobile Bed So She Can Have One Last Visit To The Beach

When a 16-year-old dog became too weak to walk, her owner came up with a creative solution to allow the canine to take one last walk by the beach.

Tom Antonio and his wife regularly take trips from Georgia to Virginia Beach. For years, their dog Cocoa went along with them. However, once Cocoa turned 16-years-old, she struggled to walk even a short distance.

Naturally, with her declining health, visiting the beach became near-impossible. Cocoa loved her walks along the shore, but she was physically unable to carry herself. That’s when Antonio came up with a brilliant idea: He would make a portable dog bed that Cocoa could lay in while they walked along the beach.

Photo: Facebook/Carrie Copenhaver

Antonio immediately got to work to create a dog bed that was both comfortable and mobile. As he shared with WTKR, “My wife and I, we came up with a way, with a mechanics creeper and stuff like that, to take her for walks. We had rope and a bed, and we’d bring her out.”

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With Cocoa aboard the mobile dog bed, the couple set off for the Virginia Beach boardwalk. They wanted the dog to experience one last sunset along the coast. While doing just that, a woman stopped them and asked to take a photo of Cocoa in her mobile dog bed. They happily obliged her request and the woman, Carrie Copenhaver, shared the photo on Facebook where it quickly went viral.

Photo: Facebook/Carrie Copenhaver

At first, Antonio had no idea he was going viral on Facebook since he doesn’t have an account. As WTKR shared, he said, “I found out from my brother-in-law. He said, ‘Is this you?’ and then other people asked, ‘Is this you?’ and I’m like yeah, that’s Cocoa. That’s Cocoa and I going for a walk.”

According to a follow-up post shared by Copenhaver, Cocoa had not walked since August of last year. Despite that, she was living a great life thanks to her loving owners’ dedication.

Photo: Facebook/Carrie Copenhaver

Cocoa passed away shortly after her last “walk” along the beach. Antonio told WTKR, “It hit a chord with people that the bond we have with our dogs and our pets, it’s strong.”

Though the family misses her dearly, they know they gave her the best life they possibly could.

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