Pet Hospital Goes Viral For Goofy Jokes On Sign

At Holly Ridge Veterinary Hospital, the team knows that laughter is sometimes the best medicine. Or, at least, the best advertising!

Since their opening in 2015, the hospital’s owner Dr. Dante Martin and hospital manager Linda Martin have gained a reputation for their quirky and comedic signs that bring the community pet-related humor.

It’s something that makes them stand out and brings joy to their patients and staff.

Photo: Pixabay/12019

Here’s a good one, for example:

Why can’t humans hear a dog whistle?
Because dogs can’t whistle!

“We thought it would be a good way to put a smile on our clients faces while also connecting to our community,” a spokesperson for the hospital told Newsweek.

The corny jokes are just one way that the team uses their signage to engage with the area — they also share tips, commemorate holidays, and more!

The fun continues on the hospital’s social media pages, which share their weekly sign updates as well as fun facts and trivia with their followers.

They also feature photos of the hospital’s adorable patients, too!

The touch of humor was much appreciated over the pandemic when a sharp rise in veterinary visits coincided with staffing shortages and longer wait times.

Fortunately, it appears the hospital has not only kept its patients happy and healthy but satisfied as well.

See more at the hospital’s Facebook page!

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