Did You Know That Having A Pet Can Improve Your Health? Check Out These 8 Ways Your Pets Keep You Healthy!

Less Chance Of Stroke

Good news for cat owners! Researchers have found that owning a cat reduces your chance of stroke and heart disease by more than a third. This is most likely due to the calming effect that cats have on their owners, which greatly reduces their stress, heart rate, and other factors that often contribute to a stroke.


Beat The Blues

Pets are often suggested for those battling depression and other mental illnesses, because not only are animals a supplier of unconditional love, they also give the person taking care of them a sense of purpose, which helps them manage and improve their condition. The companionship that animals provide to a person in need is crucial in their recovery and wellbeing. Because of their numerous benefits, animals are often used in various forms of therapy. Dogs in particular are used often to assist veterans who are dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after returning from serving our country. Some dogs are trained to anticipate the warning signs of a panic attack and calm the veteran down, while others are there for more of a morale support role. Whatever their purpose may be, they provide an unmatched level of support and friendship for these veterans who are suffering.

Help Rescue Animals

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