Over 80,000 Homeless Dogs & Cats In Ukraine Have A Full Belly Thanks To Your Support

Thousands of animals were left behind when people fled war-torn Ukraine. They have wandered the dangerous streets looking for food and shelter. We have been offering support to the brave and kindhearted people who have stayed behind to care for the abandoned dogs and cats.

The situation is still grim with many buildings and homes destroyed, but thanks to your continued support there is a glimmer of hope for those caring for the homeless animals.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

Yuliya Firka with United For Animals, a charity organization who helps get pet food and supplies to the frontlines as well as areas heavily bombed, told us, “Thanks to your support, we were able to help 49,355 cats and 35,704 dogs that were betrayed by their owners. All these animals were given a chance to survive.”

She went on to tell us that the people who feed them were sharing their food with the innocent animals until pet food arrived. “This is also a great help for the people who feed them. Grandmothers give the last bread to feed abandoned dogs and cats. In this way, they were given the hope of having something to feed the animals.”

Photo: United For Animals

All of the donated food has been distributed and went to the most devastated areas of Ukraine. Villages where over 400 people used to live is now home to 12. These survivors spend their time helping the abandoned animals in the area.

“These people are incredibly grateful and always have tears in their eyes when we bring them help. Hundreds of abandoned animals converge to their houses for food.”

Photo: United For Animals

Thanks to your generous donations they have food to offer them. You helped save lives and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for continuing to support Ukraine pets. Ukrainians send their thanks as well. The organization said, “Thanks to your support, the situation in Ukraine is improving very significantly as far as animals are concerned.”

Yuliya shared that they are still finding new abandoned pets and the need for pet food and supplies is still great. “Unfortunately, taking all the animals from the streets to a shelter is not realistic. Shelters don’t have as much space and conditions.”

Help feed the innocent dogs and cats left to fend for themselves in war-torn Ukraine by donating here. Just $25 sends 500 meals.

Check out the video below of some more dogs you helped feed. Their constant tail wagging is their way of showing their appreciation.

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