Woman Struggles To Get Four Dogs And A Cat To Pose For A Christmas Photo

If you are anything like us, you love to take photos of your pets at Christmas time. It’s one of the best ways to make your cards stand out from the crowd.

But one family has a particularly rough road ahead of them. With four dogs and a cat to consider, they were in for it! How could they possibly get all of these animals to cooperate long enough to get this picture taken?

The family was able to gather all of them in front of the tree. They are even clad in matching sweaters. Unfortunately, there is just one issue that we notice right away. They were not able to get in sync. The three dogs who are sitting on the right clearly have it all figured out with the proper pose. Meanwhile, the smaller dog and the cat have yet to get their butts in gear.

Photo: YouTube / Rumble Viral

The cat seems to be the true rebel of the group, while the small dog is doing the best they can while sitting next to the mischievous cat. The synchronization skills that you need to have to get a photo of this nature are off the charts.

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Somehow this family pulls it off. Well, kind of.

Anyone who is getting frustrated with their animals’ inability to pose for holiday photos is sure to enjoy this family’s trials and tribulations.

Check out the results of their photoshoot in the video below:

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