Is Your Pet Emergency Kit Complete? I Bet You Don’t Have Number 1…

Whether you are camping, travelling, or a natural disaster hits, it is smart to always be prepared for the worst. Putting together a pet emergency kit is a responsible and simple way to feel less panicked during a disaster. Keep your pet emergency kit in a safe spot that’s easy to remember and easy to access in a time of disaster or emergency.

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Here are 8 things that every pet parent should have in their pet emergency kit:

8. Important Paperwork

Vaccination records, emergency phone numbers, and medical records should be in every pet emergency kit. Keeping them stored electronically is great, but if a disaster strikes you may not have access to the internet or electricity. Keeping a hard copy of these important documents with you is very smart. It’s also a good idea to keep a photo of your pet with you in case they get lost.

7. Travel Water And Food Bowls (And Food And Water)

Keeping a supply of water and food is smart in case of a major disaster that prevents you from accessing it. A travel water or food bowl is great for all pet parents because it’s easily packable and transports efficiently. Keep a small stash of food and water nearby in case you don’t have access to your normal supply during an emergency.

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6. Antibiotic Ointment, Gauze, And Vet Wrap

In the case of a cut or other minor injury, applying ointment can help prevent infection and relieve your pet’s pain. The Gauze will help protect the wound and catch drainage. Vet wrap sticks to itself and not to your pet’s fur, so it will be the most comfortable and efficient choice, and it will help keep the wound protected and clean.

5. Anxiety-Reducing Shirt

Keeping pets calm during an emergency is important for both their safety as well as your own. A stressed out dog or cat can be unpredictable and dangerous. Keep them calm with a Kong Anxiety-Reducing Shirt, which works as a natural calming agent to relieve stressed out pups while you figure out a plan. Get a shirt for your pup here!

4. Medications

Consult your veterinarian about keeping a backup supply of any medications that your pet requires on a daily basis. The last thing you want to do in an emergency situation is worry about whether or not you remembered to pack Fido’s medicine.

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3. Cat Carrier/Harness

If a natural disaster occurs, chances are your cat will run for cover at the first sign of danger, making it hard for you to find them and evacuate if necessary. Keep them safe and out of harm’s way with a secure cat carrier or cat harness, like this one.

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2. Leash

You never know when you might need a leash. Even the most well-trained dogs require a leash at some point. If your car breaks down and you have no choice but to hitch a ride with a tow-truck driver, having a backup leash will be a lifesaver. Never be without a leash when travelling! This leash is great because it is lighted with an LED system so that visibility is improved in rough conditions.


1. Travel First Aid Kit

This first aid kit has a lot of the items you may need in an emergency, and it’s the perfect size to put right in your pocket! Always be prepared for whatever may happen with this handy kit. Get your own here!

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What do you have in your pet emergency kit?

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