Tag Your Favorite Person

Is there anything sweeter than this? Probably not! Seeing a dog and cat love one another this much is just so precious! You just have to send this to someone or tag someone you love (or like very much lol) in this post! They’ll appreciate it fur sure.

Do you have fur babies that love each other like these two do? Do they cuddle and kiss? Or do they spend time playing with each other?

My trio of pets all get along, luckily. My two dogs cuddle often and play often too. And once in a while, my cat will allow some kisses from her puppy siblings. She just kind of stands there and puts up with their attention. It’s adorable. My cat is turning 16 so seeing her interact with them is wonderful. And on some nights, she will sleep on our bed beside them. It’s amazing!

If our animals can get along this well, shouldn’t everyone? YUP! I think so too!

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