These 7 Cat Toys Will Please Even The Pickiest Felines

Cats are notoriously hard to shop for. Not just any old cat bed will do, and the top-of-the-line food from the vet only entices them for so long.

We know how important it is to include our fur babies in the holiday festivities, so we’ve put together a list of unique gifts that are sure to please them — all without breaking the bank!

Check out our top 7 picks for finicky feline friends!

7. Cats R Cool™ Organic Catnip Kickit Toy


Cool kitties deserve the coolest playthings, like these plush, handmade toys filled with nothing but the finest quality, organic catnip. Even better, each purchase gives a donation to the Cats R Cool program, which works to dispel negative stereotypes and improve the situation for shelter cats through public education, shelter outreach and grants. Give a gift to cats everywhere with this stylish toy!

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