Shelter Workers Craft Priceless Bio To Help Cat Named Dave Get Adopted

Sometimes, it’s hard for shelter pets–especially older dogs and cats–to stand out at the shelter. This predicament inspired Cats Cradle Shelter in North Dakota to get creative to help an adult cat named Dave get adopted.

“Look at him,” the cat’s shelter bio reads, per a trending post on Reddit. “He’s a perfect Dave. The kind of Dave who’s quiet, calm and sometimes overlooked, but is the best neighbor on the block.”

Photo: Reddit/Justice_Bananas

The cat’s clever biography was spotted by a Reddit user called Justice_Bananas. “Bio for a cat named Dave at my local shelter is perfect,” Justice_Bananas captioned the post, which has been liked on Reddit more than 14,000 times.

After highlighting Dave’s perfect ways, the Fargo, North Dakota shelter made note of the brown tabby’s other unique qualities. This very creative retelling of “perfect” Dave’s attributes did succeed in distinguishing the cat from the shelter’s other adoptable felines.

“Dave will snow-blow your drive before you come home from a winter vacation, so you can drive right into your garage,” the shelter cat’s bio reads. “Dave will keep an eye on your house every day when you take the kids to California for a week.”

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The shelter even claimed Dave would “shop-vac your carpets and set up fans when the sump pump quits and your basement floods a little bit, two days before you are due to fly home. He’ll call your shared insurance guy, take pictures, get everything cleaned up, and not tell you until you get home, because he doesn’t want to ruin your trip.”

Bio for a cat named Dave at my local shelter is perfect from cats

According to Dave’s bio, the cat even keeps beer in the fridge and tells great fishing stories. “Adopt Dave. He’s too good for this world,” the shelter bio concludes. What an incredible cat!

Want to hear the best part? Dave’s flamboyant shelter description succeeded in helping this shelter cat get adopted, according to Cats Cradle. Congratulations, Dave, on your new forever home!

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