Hedgehog Adorably Runs Through Ninja-Warrior-Style Obstacle Course

I think that anyone would be willing to tell you that quarantine has been difficult. We try our best to stay sane during the time that we are stuck at home, but let’s face it, we all want to get out and enjoy life as normal once again. Until that time comes, we try to find some type of distraction that will help us to get from one moment to another without losing our minds.

I think that Pepper is exactly what we all need in order to make it through yet another day of quarantine. Pepper is a hedgehog and she has all of the strength and stamina that you would expect out of such a tiny and adorable animal. In fact, her owner has been helping her run a miniature obstacle course around the living room and it is just as fun to watch as it sounds.

Not only do we get to watch a little hedgehog running an indoor obstacle course, but the commentary is also absolutely on point. At one point, her owner says, “It looks like Pepper may be pondering a different path as she peruses the perimeter.” The little hedgehog also has to run across some familiar obstacles, such as “Pool Noodle Mountain.”

Photo: Instagram / myfriendscallmepepper

Will Pepper be able to make it to the finish line? There’s only one way to find out, and this obstacle course is so awesome you will want to watch it twice!

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