Boy Dog-Sits For His Aunt’s Pup And Is Given A Hilarious List Of Rules To Follow

A boy named Tommy Rivers agreed to watch his aunt’s dog, Pepper, while she was away. But with watching Pepper came a whole set of strict rules that he had to abide by.

His aunt left a list of “dos” and “don’ts” to follow and they’re absolutely hilarious! The extremely detailed note started by saying that Pepper is the most beautiful girl in the world. And after seeing her picture, you really can’t argue with that!

Tommy Rivers
Tommy Rivers

The note continues with her feeding schedule along with her snacks, and absolutely “no carbs.” If only everyone could follow that snack rule!

Then she talks about her play time which includes a daily game of fetch and optional walks around the block.

But the note gets even better when she lists that he must give her affection – big hugs and little kisses, sniffs, and belly rubs to be exact!

The aunt also requires daily photos of Pepper as well as FaceTimes so she can talk to her.

Tommy Rivers
Tommy Rivers

As for the “don’t” list, the nephew shall not yell at pepper or hurt her, and of course shouldn’t let her escape. These are all pretty obvious “do not’s” with any dog or animal that you’re sitting for.

But the best part of the entire note was saved for last, “Don’t you hate her cause you ain’t her!”

It’s great that this aunt has such a great sense of humor, and it’s extremely obvious that she loves her Pepper unconditionally.

Rivers tweeted a picture of the note and had no idea that it would end up going viral. It was retweeted over 50,000 times and favorited over 155,000 times!

He then tweeted a picture of Pepper in her pajamas, saying that the Internet has made her really happy and that she’s ready for bed.

Tommy Rivers
Tommy Rivers

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