People Food that is OK for Dogs

We’ve all slipped Fido a bite or two under the table, but are we giving our dogs foods that won’t bother their stomachs or cause an allergic reaction? Here are some people foods that are OK to feed your dog:

Just like people, dogs need omega-3 fatty acids. This fish is beneficial for your dog’s coat and skin and is even found in some pet foods. Be sure the salmon is fully cooked and don’t season it before feeding it to your dog. Undercooked or raw fish can give your pup parasites.

Don’t toss your apple core to your dog when you’ve finished eating it. Apple seeds contain tiny amounts of cyanide, which can build up over time and cause serious problems. Instead, give your dog the meaty part of the apple with the skin on it. The skin is full of Vitamin A and C, and apples are a healthy, crunch treat your dog will love.

When you were carving pumpkins, did your dog hang around, sniffing and maybe licking your jack-o-lantern? Dogs often like to eat pumpkins because they are high in fiber and vitamin A. This vegetable is super good for their digestive system, and it’s tasty!

Peanut butter
When you’re making PB&J for lunch add a little dollop of peanut butter to a spoon and let your pup lap it up. This delicious spread is full of protein, vitamins B and E, and healthy fat that will help keep your dog’s heart healthy.

Green beans
Some vets recommend feeding overweight dogs a diet of part green beans and part regular food. It’s a good way to fill your dog’s tummy without all the calories. Dogs that are not overweight enjoy this legume too. Serving it is a great way to get dogs their daily dose of vitamin K, vitamin C, manganese and fiber.

When you make eggs and have some leftover, feel free to feed them to your canine pal. Eggs are a great treat that contain easily-digested protein, selenium (which helps dogs’ digestive systems) and riboflavin (which boosts metabolism).

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