Dog And Cat Become BFFs With Their Baby Sister

When a new baby girl is brought into the family, her older siblings are often protective and loving. As it turns out, that can also be true if her siblings are pets!

Two-year-old Penny Frazier was welcomed into the world in July of 2019.

As soon as she was brought home, she was greeted by her two six-year-old “siblings,” a Tamaskan dog named Raven and a moggy cat named Woodhouse.

The two animals, who were best friends before Penny was born, proudly welcomed her into the pack. While some pets don’t adjust well to adding a new member to the family, Raven and Woodhouse had no problem with a new baby around.

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The large dog and wildcat slept near Penny while she napped, keeping guard over her when she was a tiny baby.

Photo: YouTube/Caters Clips

As she got bigger and learned to play and explore, the animals patiently stood by her side as she pulled their fur and buried them in LEGOS.

A little over two years later, and the three couldn’t be any closer. The bond they’ve formed is unreal!

While moggy cats are generally known to be good with kids and families, Tamaskan dogs are generally reserved for working.

Photo: Pixabay/Rajesh Balouria

According to the Tamaskan Dog Register, the wolf-looking dogs have northern sled-dog roots and are natural working dogs. Due to their breeding, they’re not natural guard dogs or family dogs.

Instead, they’re generally adopted as agreeable, friendly working dogs. However, Raven defies all of that with her relationship with Penny. She shows immense gentleness, patience, and protectiveness. It’s so sweet!

Watch the video below:

You can follow Penny and “her pets” on Instagram, @raven_and_woodhouse.

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