Dog Missing Her Front Legs Ended Up In A Shelter. But Then Someone Saw Her Picture And Fell In Love

If being born without her front legs wasn’t bad enough, she also ended up in a shelter. But the sweet pup, named Martini, never lost her happy spirit, and acclimated to only having two legs; she would limp and hop around like a kangaroo, but she still had no idea that she was any different from other dogs.

The shelter posted a picture of this cute doggy online in hopes that someone would want to adopt her. And it worked! Someone saw Martini’s picture and fell head over heels in love instantly! They knew they had to adopt this poor pup.

Now, Martini has a forever home in Southern California where she gets so much love and attention. She also has two doggy siblings! She gets to play with toys, run around in the back yard, and now has a cozy bed to sleep in at night. She also has a new set of wheels to help her get around! She won’t ever have to worry about being alone in a shelter ever again!

You can follow Martini’s adventures on her Instagram page.

Watch this adorable girl in the video below:

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