Peggy Is The Sweetest Dog. Watch Her Play With Two Foster Kittens

Who said dogs and cats can’t get along? The old adage should probably be retired to the dustbin of history. There are too many amazing stories out there with dogs finding out that they simply LOVE kittens! It’s hard to blame them really. They are adorable, vibrant, energetic, and beyond silly at a young age. All things that sound like a lot of annoyance for a peaceful dog just trying to relax the day away. Until you see something like this and realize that the best world we can hope for is one where cats and dogs get along this well!

Peggy, the sweetest dog, has taken an interest in the family’s two new foster kittens. Her demeanor is incredibly sweet and gentle. And her tail wag says it all! She’s happy to have two new friends no matter the size or specie. I love how the little one follows her around. It’s so cute! And Peggy is such a terrific little surrogate mama!

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