Rescuers Save 66 Dogs From Meat Farm And Find Them Forever Homes

For animals living on a meat farm, life is cruel and full of suffering. Living conditions are often inhumane and cut short, all so humans can have a bit of meat to eat.

While there’s not much that can currently be done for most sentient animals on meat farms, like pigs and cows, there are some animals that are gaining more protection under the law and/or societal pressures, like dogs.

Dog meat farms have come under fire in recent years, and according to the Humane Society, many of the farmers would opt out of the trade if provided an alternate means of income.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Humane Society has been on a mission to close dog meat farms, and they do so by offering farmers the means to start another (more profitable) business venture.

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Thanks to their efforts, over a dozen dog farms have been shut down in South Korea, resulting in less suffering and more lives saved – including the lives of 66 dogs from a farm on Jindo Island in South Korea.

Photo: YouTube/The Humane Society of the United States

The Humane Society shared a video, introducing the very last dog to be saved from the farm: Pearl.

Pearl was rescued from her cruel life in a cage before she was slaughtered for food.

Photo: YouTube/The Humane Society of the United States

Now, she’s on her way to a loving forever home.

She, along with the other 65 dogs, really was offered a second chance at life.

Watch the video below:

Hopefully with the innovation of lab-grown meats, the consumption of animals, like dogs, pigs, and cows, will fall. Until then, we can use these small wins as a glimmer of hope for a future with less animal suffering.

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