Peanut the Rat Loves Ranj the Cat

Although these two look like a “Tom and Jerry” story in real life, they don’t use axes and firecrackers to try and trick each other. Peanut the rat just likes to follow Ranj the cat around everywhere he goes!

According to their owner’s YouTube account, Ranj wasn’t sure about Peanut when they first met, but he warmed up and now they’re best buds! This lucky cat has all sorts of animal housemates, including cats, rats, hamsters and even a green-and-yellow budgie named Chi-Chi that knows how to play fetch!

Ranj likes to be sneaky and trick his rodent friends,  like Tom from ‘Tom and Jerry.” When they’re outside together, he hides behind a plant or big tuft of grass and then reaches around from his hiding place and pokes his hamster or rat friends. That’s one playful cat!

According to a Christmastime video of the two besties, the owner of the two wraps a box like a present and leaves a little door hole so Peanut and his other rat friends can play in it. Once, while Peanut was running back and forth from the box to his owner, Ranj reached out and patted him on the butt as he ran by!

These buddies love to snuggle. Ranj cleans Peanut with his little plink tongue, and Peanut give Ranj a scratch by climbing on him! They run all over the house together. We’re not sure which one’s the sidekick! They’ve both got great climbing skills and the perfect paws to reach for the highest places in the house. Wherever Ranj goes, Peanut tends to follow!

We love interspecies relationships! We also love that this duo is always supervised by their owner. Always watch carefully when your pets are playing. You never know what kind of shenanigans they might get into!

Do you have an odd animal couple in your household? We’d love to see it. Share your story in the comments!

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