Cole and Marmalade's human is a spokesperson that stands strongly against declawing your cat and so do I. Declawing your cat is not just removing their claws. It literally snips off part of their “fingertips.” It is a barbaric practice and many veterinarians are not providing that service anymore (thankfully!) Let my cat be an example for you: I adopted her at 8 months of age after she was already spayed and declawed. She has favored one of her paws ever since. They damaged one of her tips so badly that she winced in pain for an entire year. Cats' claws can be kept trimmed, or even capped with a feline-friendly product like SoftPaws, and you can provide scratching posts so they can use those to stimulate their desire to scratch. Also, if they were to ever get out of the house, they would have NO WAY to protect themselves. Cats need their claws. Period.

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