We Love These Cookie Cutters But Not For The Reasons You’d Think…

What can a cookie cutter do other than cut cookies? In the animal loving community cookie cutters can do a surprising amount of good! They can add some swagger to a bake sale, make awesome looking dog treats, but most importantly, the right ones donate food to shelters in need of assistance! We’ve created the ultimate guide to the ultimate cookie cutter, complete with recipes and fun baking techniques! Without further ado, we reveal to you…

The Paws Galore Cookie Baking Set!


These acrylic cookie cutters are inexpensive, fun to use, and with every purchase 14 bowls of food are donated to hungry dogs across the globe! They work great with sugar cookies but we also use them to make adorable home-made dog treats for our pups at home, which saves us a money and keeps our dogs grinning for days!

But there’s a little known secret about these pawsitively impressive cookie cutters. At first glance, they look like everyday paw-print cookie molds. But they’re so much more than that! You can actually use them to make three types of cookies: imprint cookies, cut-outs, and 3-D paw prints!

Top Row: Imprints / Second Row: Cut Outs / Bottom Row: 3-D Paw Prints


This cookie cutter is so much fun, but the best part is customizing your cookies!

Here’s how to use them:

Imprint Cookies –

Once you’ve rolled out your dough, spray your cookie cutter with some cooking spray and simply press down your cookie cutter until it touches your counter. Pull away the excess dough surrounding the cookie cutter and voilà! Your imprint is complete!


Begin by making an imprint cookie, making sure to wiggle your cookie cutter while you press down to fully cut through the dough. Once you have your imprint cookie, grab the corner of the cookie and slooooowly pull the outline of the dough away from your table top. While you do this, put a finger over the middle of the cut-out paw print so it doesn’t lift up with the rest of the cookie. Once you’ve removed the middle of the paw-print, punch out the “fingers” until you have an adorable cut-out cookie!

3-D Cookies – 

This super cookie is a combination of the cut-out and the imprint! Take an imprint cookie and lay it flat on your counter top, design-side up. Then take the punched out portions from your cut-out cookie and place them on top of their corresponding designs on the paw-shaped base. Easy-peasy!

You now have three impressive types of cookies perfect for dog treats, a bake sale, or for family snacking!


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Pro tips:

  • If your dough is too wet, it will stick to the cookie cutters. To avoid this, spray the cookie cutters with cooking spray and sprinkle your dough with flour.
  • Make sure to flour your cooking surface when you roll out your dough. It’ll make a big difference and your cookies won’t get stuck to the baking tray!
  • These designs work easiest with thick, firm sugar cookie dough.
  • The 3-D cookies take longer to bake than their thinner counterparts. We recommend baking them on a separate tray to ensure ultimate cookie goodness.

These cookie cutters work super well with sugar cookies as well as with peanut butter dog treats! By making your own dog treats at home, you can save a lot of money on store-brand biscuits AND ensure that your dogs are eating healthy ingredients with no preservatives. Plus, they’re lots of fun to make! Just make sure to check out our guide to peanut butter and your dog before you start baking! The good folks at 12 tomatoes have created an awesome recipe for peanut butter dog treats that you have to try with these cookie cutters!

Pick up your own Paw Print Baking set here!


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