Dogs Evacuated From Ukraine War Zone Need Our Help To Heal

As the attacks intensify in Ukraine, people are running for their lives. The only inhabitants of the destroyed villages are abandoned pets.

The dogs and cats are attempting to take shelter from the repeated bombings but need to be rescued.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

Drones are being used to target and attack rescuers, but that doesn’t stop brave volunteers from entering the dangerous areas to rescue the innocent animals.

These heroes manage to rescue animals of all ages and bring them back to a safe haven called Patron Pet Center.

Meet some of the dogs rescued from the frontlines that need our help to heal.


Photo: Patron Pet Center

Lord was found by volunteers with severe wounds on his paws in a heavily bombed area. It is a miracle that he survived the repeated attacks.

However, living in the war zone has taken a toll on him mentally and physically. Lord arrived at the Patron Pet Center terrified of loud noises and was too scared to move.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

He will need medical care to heal the wounds on his paws and lots of time and training with staff to learn to trust again. Lord is a sweet boy who deserves to feel safe and loved. His fight is not over yet.

Help him heal by donating towards his care.


Photo: Patron Pet Center

Honey and two other puppies were found abandoned in a dangerous area and rushed to the Patron Pet Center.

All the puppies were sick with enteritis and needed immediate medical care. They are being treated and are on the road to recovery, but Honey faces another problem.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

He has trouble using his hind legs due most likely to a fall. He is so young and has his whole life ahead of him. His prognosis of a full recovery is great, with treatment.

Will you help him get the care he needs to walk again?

Lesya and puppies

Photo: Patron Pet Center

Lesya and her puppies were rescued by military members in the Donetsk region of Ukraine. They were found in a heavily bombed area looking for shelter. The worried mom kept close to her rescuer as her puppies were carried in a cardboard box to safety.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

When the family arrived at the Patron Pet Center, they received nutritious food and a quiet place to rest. Some of the puppies have bacterial infections and all are suffering from malnutrition.

Help Lesya and her puppies regain their strength and heal by donating towards their care.


Photo: Patron Pet Center

The little pup was born in a war zone and has spent the first few months of his life hiding in fear without food or a family.

Blackie is one of thousands of pets caught in the crossfire of Russia’s brutal attack in Ukraine. People have fled the areas under attack, but many innocent animals remain and need to be evacuated.

Ukraine military members fighting Russian forces in Chasy Yaru came upon the malnourished puppy just in time and made sure he was transported back to the Patron Pet Center for help.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

Blackie was so weak when he arrived from lack of proper nutrition. The poor pup was also suffering from a skin disease and was immediately given a warm, medicated bath.

His entire life has been lived in pain and fear, but with your support that can change. Blackie is starting to heal and each day he gets stronger. Help him thrive by donating towards his medical expenses.

The Animal Rescue Site and Greater Good Charities are working to help expand Patron Pet Center so they can help save even more pets.

Help Save More Animals

The innovative Patron Pet Center was designed by a veterinarian and architect and no detail was overlooked. The sound-proof kennels allow the pets to relax without hearing other dogs bark. The pets are exercised twice a day and there is even a “gym” where the animals can stretch their legs and get out some excess energy.

The health and happiness of the animals is their top priority. Dogs and cats are given time to decompress after they arrive from war zones and professional trainers work with the animals to help them overcome their fear of loud noises and of humans.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

The goal is to find each pet a loving home. Over 100 pets are adopted each month, which means that the center can take in more abandoned and homeless animals. Even though this is an impressive number of pets finding homes, the center is still over capacity and needs more kennels.

More pets continue to arrive at the center, which is already over capacity. Join us in helping them build a much-needed second level with kennels for over 200 cats, a quarantine room, and much more.

Donate now and help save lives!

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