Man Saves His Dog From A Black Bear Attack

I think that most of us would walk on water to save the dogs that share our lives. We don’t often get the opportunity to prove that fact, but sometimes we hear about someone who did.

It recently happened in Pennsylvania when a little dog was attacked by a black bear. Rather than running in fear at what was happening in front of him, the dog’s owner used his instincts and “stupid courage” to save his dog and get it to safety.

Tim Stradling is the 56-year-old pastor who saved his little dog, that he named Peyton Manning. The little dog may be small, but he is named after a very large football player.

Photo: Facebook/Tim Stradling

When Peyton Manning began barking later in the evening, Stradling knew that something was not quite right.

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He looked outside and surveyed the property, thinking that his dog was probably just barking at a little critter that had wandered into his yard. Little did he know that it was actually a black bear who had snagged the nine-year-old dog and started running off with him.

Photo: SnappyGoat

According to the Tribune-Review, what happened next was a flurry of quick decision-making. He began screaming at the bear, making loud noises, and attempting to act threateningly.

At first, the bear wasn’t budging, even when Stradling charged him, but eventually, the bear dropped the dog and seemed to walk off. It was then that the bear turned around and came running back for Stradling and the dog at the same time. Stradling explained, “When it charged me and I turned to run and fell after 3 steps I thought I was in trouble. Apparently black bears false- charge to scare you away. Thank God!”

Photo: Facebook/Tim Stradling

After saving the little dog, Stradling took him to the veterinarian for some emergency services. He continued to sing songs to the dog, keeping him calm, even though he suffered from bites to his neck and legs. He also had a fracture, and unfortunately, lost one of his legs due to the injuries.

Stradling got off fairly easy, considering what he had been through. He fell during the time that he was trying to frighten the bear, ending up with brush burns on his hands. Considering what this man did as a brave act, however, it could have been much worse. It just shows you how far we are willing to go to protect the dogs we love.

Photo: Facebook/Tim Stradling

After word got out about Stradling’s heroic rescue, he received a call from Mr. Peyton Manning himself. Stradling shared in a Facebook post that Manning called to check in on the dog named after him and explained to Stradling that he loves dogs and has a few himself.

As for the now 3-legged Manning, he’s on the mend. Stradling shared in a Facebook comment that the little dog is “getting around and having good moments. He’s very sedate because of his meds.”

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