Police Warn Of Fugitive Animal Abuser After Cat Stabbed In Head With Screwdriver

Pasadena is widely-known as an animal-friendly city, but nevertheless local cops fear an animal abuser is at large.

The Pasadena Police sounded the alarm this week after an outdoor tabby cat, Tito, returned home with a screwdriver emerging from his skull. Amazingly, the cat managed to survive the incident, but only because a quick-thinking cat sitter rushed the animal to the hospital, where he received life-saving medical care.

Photo: Facebook/ PasadenaPoliceTx

Now that the animal is back home recovering with his family, the police are enlisting the community for help. Officers are very concerned by the uniquely cruel nature of this case, while Tito’s family and neighbors are clearly unsettled to find their house cat brutalized right in their own backyard.

“It’s scary to think evil is lurking that close to home,” owner Samantha Pastor told ABC 13. “I can’t let him outside. I’m afraid if I let him out, he may not come back. Or worse, I have two small kids. I have two dogs. Are we really safe with someone walking around doing something like that to an animal?”

Photo: Flickr/Andrew Malone

If you live in Pasadena and have any information about this horrific incident, please contact Detective L. Garcia at 713-475-7885.

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