Party Animals: 8 “Boozy” Beverages Your Dogs & Cats Will Love

3. Pet Winery

Photo: Pet Winery
Photo: Pet Winery

Similar to Apollo Peak (per the CO-based company, a little too similar), this Florida-based firm sells catnip and fish-oil based infusions like Meowsling and Purrgundy, with cat champagnes and cat-tinis for special occasions. But rest assured — your canine companions won’t be left out in the cold. Pet Winery’s “Bark Brew” is available in beef, chicken, or “calming” flavors (read: beef and hemp oil), while “dog-tinis” counter bad breath with a smattering of peppermint. On top of these faux-boozy options, Pet Winery partners with a different animal rescues each month, which benefit from a cut of the proceeds.

4. Woof Dog Beer

Photo: Facebook/woofdogbeer
Photo: Facebook/woofdogbeer

Brits really, really love beer, so it only makes sense that their dogs would also have some good options. “The First British Brewery for Dogs” has been mixing all-natural brewer’s wort (aka malted barley water from local craft brewers) with beef broth derived from organically-certified Aberdeen Angus bones. Brewers claims this formula is a canine crowd-pleaser, though U.S.-based breeds will have to wait for Wolf Dog Beer (currently sold online) to be available outside of the UK.

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