Party Animals: 8 “Boozy” Beverages Your Dogs & Cats Will Love

Not only do 60 percent of Americans own an animal, humans and pets seem inextricably joined at the hip – now growing numbers of animals accompany their humans to work, while most airlines still welcome four-legged passengers on board.

So it was only a matter of time before marketers found a hack to the pet owner’s final dilemma – what to do when you want to get drinks but your best friend can’t handle his booze? Thankfully, some savvy entrepreneurs have found ways to marry our collective passion for animals and alcohol, allowing you to toast with your pets — rather than just in their presence — on special occasions and regular nights of the week.

1. Snuffle Dog Beer

Photo: Instagram/boneappetitco
Photo: Instagram/boneappetitco

Founded in Antwerp in 2009, Snuffle Dog Beer is “brewed” with malt barley, bone stock, Vitamin B, and mineral oils. It is available in chicken or beef options, with — this being Belgium — dog-friendly frites available to soak up any drinking-related munchies. You can find Snuffle Dog Beer in places that really love beer, which includes all around Belgium, most of Europe, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Australia.

2. Apollo Peak

Photo:  Apollo Peak
Photo: Apollo Peak

This feline-friendly “vintage” is made in Colorado under the tutelage of Apollo, the imbibing CFO (Chief Feline Officer). Cat “wines,” including The Pinot Meow and Catbernet, feature some combination of catnip, fish oil, and the occasional vegetable. When the CFO is napping (which happens a lot), Apollo’s human employees get to work “brewing” beers and dog wines, including Zinfantail and the Malbark — both of which utilize peppermint for customers with doggy breath. Products are sold through Amazon and their website.

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