Viral Parrot Talks With A Thick Scottish Accent

One three-year-old African Grey parrot named Onion is taking the Internet by storm with her cheeky one-liners and thick Scottish accent.

Since her owner, Cody Stoddart, started sharing videos of the adorable parrot on social media, people can’t seem to get enough of her.

Onion says things like, “Ya b*stard,” but she also gives adorable kisses complete with a “mwah” sound.


Just to inform everyone Onion is a she xx #fyp #parrotstiktok #scottish #scottishtiktok

♬ original sound – codystoddart

Cody has had Onion since the little parrot was just three months old, and now, Onion is nearing 4-years-old! Needless to say, the two have formed a pretty strong bond.

Photo: Instagram/onionthegrey_

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Photo: Pixabay

It’s not just Cody that Onion has won over with her witty antics, but much of TikTok! The bird has over half a million likes on the platform, along with almost 40,000 followers.

Cody spoke with the Daily Record about Onion, saying, “I don’t think many people have heard a parrot with an accent so I’m guessing that’s why her videos have went a bit crazy. Everyone says she sounds like an old granny or Mrs. Doubtfire but it’s genuinely my mum she copies since she sits with her all day while I’m at work.”


ma talkin burd onion #fyp #parrotstiktok #scottish #duet

♬ original sound – codystoddart

Cody continued to explain that her favorite phrases Cody uses are for telling the cat off, or asking, “Where’s Cody?”

Photo: Pixabay

Onion learns her phrases and words from listening to the people around her and is quite quick about picking up new things.

You can follow Onion on Instagram @onionthegrey_ or on TikTok @codystoddart.

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