Pluto, The 5-Year-Old Sun Conure Parrot, Micromanages His Mom

Parrots are not only amazing creatures as a whole and as pets. Did you know that they also make for good managers?

Meet Pluto, the quirky 5-year-old Sun Conure that has assigned himself as his mom’s supervisor!

Pluto’s mom, Katy, says that Pluto’s personality is very warm but very stubborn and that he is affectionate and attentive. All those descriptions can clearly be seen on the many videos they have on their Instagram account, called Pluto Birdie.

One more thing that Pluto loves is punctuality. Katy said that Pluto is a wonderful alarm clock in their interview with The Dodo, which can be seen at the end of the article. Their usual morning consists of Katy waking the birds, Pluto and Cassini, his 1-year-old Caique sibling, up and then cuddling. If Katy goes one minute over Pluto’s morning wake-up time? Pluto’s the one coming to get his mom. But still, Katy says that it’s such a wonderful way to start the day.

Katy says that if Pluto were to have any human job, he would be an office manager. Now what Mr. Manager Pluto does after waking his mom up is to help her get ready for the day ahead. And he does so by helping Katy with her hair.

PHOTO: Youtube/The Dodo

“Pluto is very involved in everything I do, but [he] especially loves to help me with my hair,” Katy said.

Pluto also does quality checks in the house. Katy said that Pluto checks, tastes, and gives feedback when she makes breakfast for their “flock.” He shadows Katy wherever she goes, and, as Katy mentioned in their interview, Pluto wants to make sure that they are both always on track together.

The duo cooks, works out, and even takes showers together. Whenever Katy showers, Pluto is either sitting on her head or on the stand right next to it. Honestly, I believe that Pluto just likes to be with his mom, even if Katy says that Pluto just likes the steam of the shower.

PHOTO: Youtube/The Dodo

Another thing that Pluto is extremely, and weirdly, involved with in the housekeeping is vacuuming. Oftentimes, pets are afraid of just the mere sight of their owners getting the vacuum out to clean. Pluto, on the other hand, enjoys vacuuming. Katy said that it’s Pluto’s favorite whenever they’re cleaning, although she has no idea why.

“I think he likes hearing the vacuum pick up what he had dropped because he likes to drop food and all kinds of stuff all over,” Katy said. Maybe it’s Pluto’s own kind of ASMR? Relatable.

Katy and Pluto also like to take walks together. But how exactly can you walk your pet parrot? Katy has trained Pluto to be comfortable with having a harness on. It took them around 3 months of training before Pluto actually put on a harness and went out with Katy.

The harness isn’t just for restriction, but it’s mainly for the parrot’s safety. There are a lot of hawks where Pluto lives, so the harness is to prevent Pluto and Cassini, also trained, from flying off from getting scared by the hawks. Katy mentioned that it’s her best memory with Pluto when she was finally able to take Pluto out with her for a walk. She says it’s the best memory because it was so rewarding.

“The most rewarding thing about being a bird/parrot owner is being able to gain the trust of a bird. It’s very difficult,” Katy said in another interview. “If you are able to form a trust and even a bond with a bird, it’s a huge deal because you’ve really spent time doing that, and you’ve been careful about your body language and how you approach them.”

Pluto has been with Katy for six years, and the bond between the two is truly incredible. Just watching a few of their interactions on Instagram shows how in sync they both are with each other and their whole flock, as Katy describes their little family.

Katy also left some advice for people who are looking to get an avian pet: “Please understand that some birds, like Pluto especially, are extremely loud. They can scream all day, they are very high maintenance, you have to change their food and water multiple times a day, and they should not be in cages. If you choose to get a bird, please spend at least 6 months thinking about it, deciding what species is best for you… I would suggest, do as much research as possible, and really really deep dive into it.”

I’ve said it once and I will say it again. Educate yourselves before getting any pet. It will improve the life of your pets and therefore improve your life too. Katy is a great example of a pet parent, and she uses her pet’s Instagram to not only supply us with adorable videos, but also show educational bits on how to care for other pet birds.

Watch Pluto in action in the video below.

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