Parisian Cafe Serves Up Kitty Affection Along With Coffee

A new cafe has touched down in Paris that is serving more than coffee. According to The Guardian, Les Cafe des Chats has a dozen cats on hand to rub shoulders (or legs) with patrons. It’s being referred to as “pet therapy” for customers that don’t have an animal of their own.

Parisian dwellings can lack space, causing tenants to go without the comfort of a pet. Additionally, the cafe feels the concept provides more than just animal company.

“Purring produces vibrations which relieve arthritis and rheumatism, which lower your blood pressure and your heartbeat,” Margaux Gandelon, cafe manager of Les Cafe des Chats, told the source.

The cafe opened in September and has seen a positive response, with lines around the block requiring 300 people to be turned away the first weekend, according to the source.

Les Cafe des Chats takes extra steps to ensure the welfare of the animals that were adopted from rescue centers.

The cafe includes a tea room and restaurant where Habby, Djenko, Lovely, Oreo, Rosa and other felines roam around and greet patrons. The website features a reaction page where patrons can post their thoughts of the intriguing concept. Much of the feedback is positive and one cat lover was inspired to post a poem by the French artist Charles Baudelaire.

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