Found Paralyzed After Car Accident, They Thought He’d Never Walk Again, But They Never Lost Hope

Animal Aid, an animal rescue organization in India, received a call about a street dog in Udaipur, India, who had been hit by a car. Rescuers arrived at the scene immediately, and saw the poor pup in the middle of the road with his back legs stretched in front of him. He was unable to walk or stand, and couldn’t even move without being in a great amount of pain.

After seeing this dog paralyzed like this, rescuers feared the worst. They were unsure if he’d ever be able to walk again, but they never lost hope. They quickly brought him back to their hospital, where they examined him. He would need many weeks of rest and physical therapy. Throughout those weeks, he remained calm and was very cooperative.

As the days went on, his toes eventually stopped curling backwards, but he was still unable to stand. Caregivers continued to work with him. Today, this dog, who is now named George, can not only walk again, but he can run! Throughout this difficult journey, he never lost his will to live! Watch his transformation in the video below:

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