Paradise Family Thought They Lost Everything In Wildfire, Until Their Missing Cat Returned

When wildfires leveled Paradise, California, Courtney Werblow and her family were among the unlucky residents who lost everything in the flames.

But exactly a month after tragedy turned their lives upside down, the Werblow’s finally received a piece of good news. As Courtney was surveying the damage on the property where her house once stood, she noticed her cat, Timber, standing on the edge of the rubble.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Courtney W

The whole family had worried for the fluffy white-and-brown cat, who’d gone missing during disaster. No one knew if the runaway cat was in hiding or had died in the flames. As days turned to weeks and finally a month, the Werblow’s started to fear the worst.

Courtney managed to capture their touching reunion on video as Timber cautiously climbs through the rubble towards her long-lost family member. Courtney tearfully pets her beloved pet as the cat hungrily eats from her food dish.

Photo: YouTube/Courtney W

You made it! You made it!” she tearfully exclaims, as the cat hungrily eats from her bowl of food. Though she’s clearly relieved to be back with her family, the feline keeps looking over her shoulder, as if reassuring herself that this nightmare is over.

Photo: YouTube/Courtney W

Who says cats aren’t loyal? We’re so glad this story has a happy ending!

Watch this heartwarming reunion below!

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