Filmmakers Capture Extremely Rare Footage Of Pandas Mating Rituals

Persistence definitely pays off. And it took two Chinese filmmakers a whole three years to capture very rare video of the mating rituals that occur between giant pandas. And it is quite a drama – who would’ve known that these quiet creatures could be melodramatic.

The two filmmakers spent those three years working closely with park rangers and scientists as they went on a mission in the forests of China’s Qinling Mountains to document the daily lives of the giant pandas. Their hard work and dedication paid off as it meant that they were able to actually capture part of the panda’s mating ritual.

It is rare and first-time footage that hasn’t been seen before since the mating season for pandas is infamously short. The short breeding season is also complicated by the fact that there are only about 2,000 pandas left in the wild.

Photo: Instagram / pbs

The female pandas are known for having a fertility window of only a few days per year making it difficult for pandas to get pregnant. Yet somehow, the filmmakers were able to film the complex process of their mating rituals, including two male pandas fighting one another for the affections of the female panda.

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The extremely rare footage that was filmed is going to be part of a PBS nature documentary called Pandas: Born to Be Wild. The hour-long documentary is set to premiere on PBS on the 21st of October at 8 p.m./7 pm. CT. As PBS explains, the full documentary isn’t just about the mating ritual, but it also explores the day-to-day lives of pandas who are “solitary and territorial” animals.

The Nature Pandas: Born to Be Wild can be watched on the PBS channel, their website, or on their PBS Video app.

Check out a sneak peek below:

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