Pancake Shows Us That With LOVE, Anything Is PAWSible!

Having a disability can be challenging in many ways. Especially when mobility becomes a factor. For this cat, being born with two legs instead of four, meant she had to do everything a bit differently. But having two legs hasn’t stopped Pancake, the two legged cat, from achieving Cool Cat status!

Pancake has her own Facebook page with over 25,000 likes! Her photos and videos aren’t just adorable, they’re inspiring too!

This adorable kitty spent most of her kittenhood getting used to having two legs. She was spoon fed on her back until she developed enough muscle (and confidence) to balance her body on two legs. She also has a little third nub that helps her get about.

Even Pancake’s tail is deformed but that hasn’t stopped her one bit! Pancake is a kitty warrior! She is full of pep and LOVES to play!

Stories like Pancake’s truly make me believe that anything is PAWSible!

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