Rare Cat Sighting In The Mountains Of Mongolia Is Cause For Celebration Among Conservationists

The Pallas cat is an extremely rare species of wild cat that can only be found in the remote mountainous regions of Central Asia. The species is on IUCN’s near-threatened list because of its dwindling numbers.

This animal is in demand for its unique fur coat and has led to excessive hunting of the species.

Because of the drop in population, scientists have been keeping an eye out for the Pallas cat in the wild. However, the elusive feline has not been sighted in a while. Finally, conservationists got the news they had been waiting for.

On August 31, the Pallas cat International Conservation Alliance announced that they had captured footage of the elusive animal in Mongolia’s Zoolon Mountains. Using remote sensor research cameras, the footage shows a full-grown Pallas cat hunting in the daylight. The cameras also recorded cubs exploring the strange cameras during the night.

Check out the amazing footage below!

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