My Pac-Man Loving Heart Is Loving This! Check Out Pac-Dog!

I grew up during a time where the arcade was the place to be, and if you were at the arcade, you were definitely playing Pac-Man. Personally, Ms. Pac-Man was my thing but if someone was playing that, I happily played Pac-Man and made many fond memories.

This reenactment is genius! Watch as Pac-Dog goes for the ghosts and pellets and scores points. Points on the game and points for fun (and cuteness!) You seriously can’t watch this and not crave the game! I’m getting all nostalgic now. Who wants to join me at the arcade?

Our site isn’t all about fun. We love to have it, sure, but it’s also about rescuing animals. It’s about doing good for the creatures we love most. That is why we have so many amazing programs 🙂 Check out our Gifts That Give More™ page. There are programs that cost as little as one dollar! Isn’t that what it costs to play a video game these days? Participating doesn’t cost a fortune and it makes a great gift! This past year, my family asked what I wanted for my birthday and I made a list of these charitable programs. Donating meant more to me than anything else. Think about it!

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