Owner Saves Dog From Falling Off Perilous Cliffside

Our furry friends are like family to us. But unlike cats, we can take our dogs almost anywhere with us.

Going for long walks in nature with our dogs is a wonderful and relaxing pastime.

But for one dog owner, it quickly turned into a life or death situation when his precious pooch nearly took a tumble off a precarious cliff’s edge.

Photo: Max Pixel

Fortunately, the dog owner’s quick thinking saved the day and managed to pull his pup back from the age before it was too late, and it was all captured on video. The footage definitely is a nail-biting view, but thankfully, has a happy ending.

The video shows a dog owner named Alfred, enjoying a cliffside walk with his dog, Roxy. The two are having a very lovely stroll when all of a sudden Roxy misjudges where she’s stepping and ends up taking a tumble.

Photo: YouTube/Alfred Reynolds

The dog rolls dangerously close to the edge where she’s about to fall off. But Alfred, who was nearby, quickly sprang into action and managed to rush over and grab her before she completely fell off the cliff’s edge to a horrible fate below.

Alfred pulls her back and is able to save her in time. After rescuing her, Alfred collapses in the grass in sheer exhaustion from the daring rescue. We can only imagine the amount of adrenaline that was exerted trying to make it to Roxy’s side in time.

Photo: YouTube/Alfred Reynolds

Of course, the near-death experience didn’t seem to phase Roxy one bit. The adorable pooch was still wagging her tail, completely happy to be enjoying the outdoors with her best bud.

The video was posted to Reddit where it garnered more than 68,000 votes as well as more loads of comments. One Redditor stated, “Dude almost collapsing from the stress response next to the dog just wagging his tail – so real.”

Photo: YouTube/Alfred Reynolds

While another user shared their own tragic story, writing, “That could have killed it. My dog lily Gret Pyrenees fell of a cliff while hiking with my parents and didn’t make it. She was too big to carry her out so they buried her on the mountain under big rocks. I can still see her memorial through a telescope from my house.”

Watch the rescue below:

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